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Sculpture I Concept Descriptions/Dimensions/Media 

The Upper Worlds "The Upper Worlds",  "US" and "Once A Forest" each depict living habitats and the aftermaths of destruction."The Upper Worlds", installed in The Mid-Manhattan Library, NYC, spans

14 ft. X 12 ft. X 4 ft. All concepts are conceived in porcelain, stoneware and mixed media: 2013-2017. Please sign all petitions banning deforestation. Links to petition sites may be found on my Take Action page.

The Longest Night fosters recognition of ourselves as caretakers of our planet. Without this "Awakening", Earth can't survive.

Beneath the Sky  assumes color characteristics of the sky, a metaphor for consciousness. The idea is that consciousness pervades everything--it's not just something out there somewhere else. The fabric which interweaves and 

entwines elements further suggests the inter-connection of all things and their emergence from or return to consciousness. Life begins as it stretches through openings in fabric or penetrates a horse drinking water infiltrated with air. Conversely, a burning house and elephant in gradated hues of sunset mark the end of a cycle, when life will begin again. The sleeping Buddha appears, and silvered flaming houses suggest the alchemical transformation of an awakening, where something no longer needed is destroyed as a rite of passage. Concept spans 9 ft. in porcelain, stoneware, resin, gemstones, vinyl tubing and mixed media, 2013-2014. 


Source, where life begins. Bees enable life through pollination; fish symbolize fertility and divinity. Concept spans 8 ft. in porcelain, fabric and mixed-media, 2011. Please sign petitions banning harmful pesticides.


Mother, shown as the archetype, pouring red liquid from a small vessel in her hand into the water. Animal elements in color are born from water, the source of life, while white animal elements on the shore await origin. Concept spans 7ft. in stoneware, porcelain and mixed media, 2012.


Father, derived from a photograph of my father feeding pigeons at St. Mark’s Square in Italy. Concept spans 7 ft. in porcelain, stoneware, resin and mixed media, 2012


Kingdom with Eyes Ibex, Ibis, Iris and Ivy begin with the letter “I”, and other elements sound the “I” as in Eyeball tree, Tiger’s Eye (stones), etc., referring to “I” as the Higher- Self, Witness, or the Absolute, pervading all things as consciousness. Concept spans 8 ft. in porcelain, resin, gemstones, 2011.


Rite of Passage depicts a psychic journey profound enough to cause transformation and awareness of a higher purpose. The central figure’s antlers reach out like tendrils, unifying and merging her with Consciousness. Clusters of crystals at the crown of her head suggest the onset of transformation. Bats serve to symbolize her “rebirth”, as they live in caves and emerge in the evening, essentially “reborn” every night from within Mother Earth. Concept spans 8 ft. in stoneware, porcelain, antlers, marble, crystals, resin, velvet; 2011.

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