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My concepts address the necessity for our communion with Earth, its organisms and life-sustaining habitats, and propose our evolution toward this end through our collective psychic journey.  An integral relationship exists between animals and their environment to the extent that one cannot exist without the other. When an ecosystem is exploited or destroyed our fellow animals die. Conversely, when  species are hunted to extinction the ecosystem begins to collapse, as animals play a primary role in vital habitat function. If mankind could only imagine the consequences upon itself, the devastation might stop. My work seeks to communicate the conscious nature of all beings, their perilous disposition due to human destruction of habitats and inhumane practices, and the importance of biodiversity to the survival of our planet.


Recognition of ourselves as caretakers of our planet and all sentient life, with optimism in the world's ability to recover in time become a vital planetary mission.   

Currently I create concepts in porcelain, stoneware, mixed media, works on paper and video. All works in various ways convey my aspirations toward harmony, deep appreciation of animals and the natural world and concern for our shared vulnerability. The pandemic onset encouraged my exploration of storytelling and video as new media, allowing my vision of hopeful outcomes to expand with a nod to absurdity, tests of faith and uncertainty along the way. The immediacy of storytelling via automatic writing becomes a portal, opening to the place I appropriate each moment pictorially and with sound and voice.

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