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Artist's Call for Action

An integral relationship exists between animals and their habitats to the extent that one cannot exist without the other. When an ecosystem is exploited or destroyed our fellow animals die. Conversely, when species are hunted to extinction the ecosystem begins to collapse, as animals play a primary role in vital habitat function. 20,000 or more species are bordering on extinction. If mankind could only imagine the consequences upon itself the devastation might stop, at least in part.


Domestic and wild animals are exploited and killed for profit throughout the world, and industries often perceived as harmless are deceptively to blame. In addition to habitat exploitation, trophy hunting and slaughter for fur and ivory, injustices toward animals are rampant throughout zoos, aquariums, pet shops, tourist attractions, traveling circuses, the drug and cosmetic industries and farms. Species of wolves are now imperiled as their natural prey is destroyed and commodified and their territory seized for cattle grazing. 

"Rescuing Seals From Thieves", protesting the Canadian seal hunt

Subjected to dwindling habitats and lack of natural prey they turn to cattle or sheep; hence wolves are demonized as predators with some hunted to near-extinction, joining their fellow 20,000 species as critically endangered. 


Mounting exploitation of animals for profit has extended to the exotic meat market, a less publicized but burgeoning industry subjecting thousands of live dogs, cats and horses to torture and agony in transport and killing. Many of these animals are beloved pets stolen from backyards or misleadingly procured by industry brokers who promise to find them good homes, only to sell them for slaughter or to laboratories engaged in animal testing. One needs to acknowledge that no industry can exist without consumer demand, and although some consumers appear immune to animal suffering, many are unaware of the rampant inhumanity practiced by the countless industries which profit from animals throughout the world, many more than can be printed here.


Spread the word. The value of saving just one life is immeasurable, and fostering recognition of ourselves as caretakers of our planet and all sentient life is essential to our evolution as human beings. Action may be taken toward protecting our fellow animals through petition signing and alignment with organizations mobilized for animal welfare.


Please visit the following websites for up-to-date petitions:




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