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Sculpture II Concept Descriptions/Dimensions/Media 

Harbinger Animals are sentient beings, at risk due to eroding habitats, deforestation and inhumane practices. Please sign all petitions supporting animals and the environment—links to petitions may be found on my Take Action page.


 “Harbinger”; Owl is the harbinger, portending that what we do to others we do to ourselves. Concept in stoneware, 10”w X 16.5”d X 10”h, 2010


“White Wolf”; Although they struggle to survive as any creature would, wolves have been demonized and mythologized to the extent that any attempt at compromise on their behalf is met with extreme resistance. Please sign all petitions in favor of wolf welfare. Concept in hand-built porcelain, 20”w X 9.5”d X 6”h, 2010

“Spirit”; Elephant species are threatened and endangered. Please take action against the ivory market and protect elephants in the wild.  Concept in hand-built porcelain, 22.5”w X 7”d X 8.5”h, 2010


“Arctica”; Polar Bears are a threatened species. Please act against global warming and drilling in the arctic. Arctic landscape spans 6 ft in mixed media; Polar Bears are hand-built porcelain, 21”w X 11”d X 8”h, 2010


“Light” What we do for others we do for ourselves. White Owl, in hand-built porcelain, 16” h, 2010


Offspring Please act to insure a future for our planet, our fellow beings and progeny.


“Horse”, asking you to sign all petitions to protect horses from slaughter and commodification by the pharmaceutical trade. Concept in hand-built porcelain, 13.5”w X 6”d X 11”h


“Infants” in hand-built porcelain, 11”w X 4”h X 8”d, and 8.5”w X 3.5”h X 8”d


         “Fledglings”, birds in hand-built porcelain, ranging from 14”w X 5.5”h X 8”d to 8”w X 4”h X 5”d


Horses and Lovers


“Horses and Lovers” is narrative, where horse represents the life force transporting us on Earth and beyond, and riders embody our collective psyche, experience and destiny. 


This timeless drama unfolds with the first image, “A Short Journey,” as a hand emerges from the cosmos to either place a child on horseback or to remove the child, receiving him back into the night sky. 


As with the child each outcome accompanies new beginnings, staging an ageless performance in a play of transient settings.


All concepts approx. 21”w X 20”h X 8”d in stoneware, 2008-2009 (“A Short Journey” is smaller, 12”w).


Lovers, depicting perpetuation of spirit despite ultimate degeneration of form


“I AM TIME”, saggar-fired stoneware, 16.5”w X 8.5”h X 13”d, 2009


“Rest Stop”, saggar-fired stoneware, 14”w X 7”h X 10”d, 2009


“Volcano” saggar-fired stoneware, 10”w X 7”h X 7.5”d, 2009

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